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The App Song

A good derp at ATT!

shaug 9 years ago

Chicago Bucket Boys

Taste of Chicago Drummers - MmmmmMmmm good!

shaug 10 years ago

How Deep is Your Throat?

Check out the expression of respect the dude sitting next to banana mouth party chick has, he's trippin'!

shaug 10 years ago

Lorenzo Has Flying Horses!

Freakin' genius man Lorenzo can take his horses over a jump while standing on their backs!!! Holy shite I just peed my pants!

shaug 10 years ago

Atheist Logos

Logo mods that probably piss off some people ... but me likey!

shaug 10 years ago

WTF is That?

No, really, WTF is it?

shaug 10 years ago

This Bird Can Shake It

Awwwww, nothing sez teh cute like a bird rockin' out to Ray Charles & the Blues Brothers.

shaug 10 years ago

Stop Motion Wolf & Pig

Where does art end and obsession begin? Who cares when the results are this compelling! dokugyunyu

shaug 10 years ago

It's: Teabaggin' Time!

"It has since come to our attention that teabagging refers to putting your testicles in someone's mouth .... Patriots we exhort you. Do not allow this to affect your participation in, or appreciation of, National teabagging day." Link to Andy Cobb's Youtube site

shaug 10 years ago

ZOMG! Dude Bites, Chews, Swallows Chunk of Another Dude's Arm!

From article: "He said, 'He bit my arm, chewed the flesh and swallowed it in front of me, ' " Lorio recalled. She said the bite measured almost 3 by 1 1/2 inches, and was less than 1/4-inch deep. I'm betting this is where a "ZOMBIES AHEAD" sign could actually come in handy.

shaug 10 years ago

ThunderAnt -Pet Haven

Awwwwww! Doggies! Who hate colors ... and prefer hot water. Dear Carrie & Fred - I love Liquorish! ThunderAnt

shaug 10 years ago

Make a 3-D Movie!

"All right, Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close up."

shaug 10 years ago


Hmmmm, how much trouble can I get in with this thing...

shaug 10 years ago