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The 23 Stages Of Getting A Haircut

Because there's no such thing as an simple wash, cut and blow dry.

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1. Ok, so you need a haircut.

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2. But you've been putting it off for as long as possible to avoid the awkward situation that is THE HAIRCUT.

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3. Because you can't deal with questions such as, "What are you up to tonight?"

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4. "Are you going away this year?"

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5. "Whereabouts do you live?"

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6. Basically you're just really bad at talking about yourself.

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7. And you hate the sound of your voice when talking to someone new.

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8. Which is why it took you so long to pick up the phone and book an appointment in the first place.

9. But you bite the bullet and go. It's only an hour of your time after all, right?

10. Because, who knows, the conversation could flow freely and you and your new hairdresser could become life long friends....

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11. But when you arrive at the salon it's so quiet that you instantly feel a bit... weird.

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12. And the receptionist is totally giving you the stink eye.

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13. You wait your turn amongst other strangers, sitting in awkward silence for what seems like an eternity.


14. And when you finally get called, your hairdresser pulls your hair about, while you stumble over your words explaining what you want.


15. For the next hour you just stare at yourself in the mirror, trying to work out exactly what your face is.

16. You indulge your hairdresser's small talk, but end up sounding a bit creepy at times.

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17. All you really want to say is...

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18. When finally, your hairdresser asks you what you think. And you're like...

19. When you really mean...

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20. But at least it's over. Now, time to pay...

21. You've made it through. Breathe.

22. As you step out the door you feel FREE!

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23. Until you have to go again in six weeks. Or two months. Or a year. Whatever.

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