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    • shariryane

      To anyone (and everyone) who insists that committing suicide is “selfish”, I say spend a few months in a depressed person’s shoes before you try to speak with any kind of authority on the subject! Severely depressed people are ONLY holding on to make everyone they love happy. It is anything BUT selfish. At some point, only after feeling completely dejected, hopeless and utterly alone, they try to end the daily overwhelming pain by leaving this life behind. Wake up people! There are plenty of people in the same boat … probably even some of your own family and friends. And don’t try to tell them to “JUST BE HAPPIER!” What a crock! Don’t you think if that were even a remote possibility that they would’ve done that already?? Depression is medically real, it’s overwhelming, and unless you have experienced it first hand for an extended period of time, you can’t possibly understand. Get informed or zip it. It’s very possible that Robin Williams had friends who were unsupportive and ignorant of the facts.

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