19 Signs You Are A Part Of The Beyhive

These are 19 signs that you are a big Beyonce fan.

1. You constantly check to see if she has uploaded any new music

2. You bought tickets to the Mrs. Carter World Tour

3. Or tried to

4. And later regretted not going

5. Because you had to hear about it from your friends

6. And the internet

7. You hate when people remind you that she lip-synced the National Anthem

8. And when people say she didn’t really give birth to Blue Ivy

9. You flip out when people say that they hate her outfits

10. And when people say that she is in the illuminati


11. Or call her fake and a bad role model


12. You died a little inside when her hair was caught in a fan

13. And pulled by actual fans


14. She was always your favorite member in Destiny’s Child

15. You barely remember the names of the other members

16. You hate when people say that other artists are better than her

17. You really are tired of waiting for her album.

18. Deep down you are sure that this will be the best album ever


19. So you just have to wait


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