Dogs And Cats Being Cuddle Buddies

Public enemies, private snugglers!

1. This isn’t what it looks like!

2. We were just about to start fighting! Seriously!

3. Ok, fine. You caught us.

4. You know what? We’re glad you found out.

5. Go ahead.Tell the whole world!!

6. We’ve been secretly cuddling since we were babies, so the joke’s on you!

7. So if you don’t like it, maybe you should talk to someone who cares.

8. We’ll cuddle any time and any way we damn well please. Spooning? Done!

9. You wanna see some face to face action? Blammo!!

10. Side by side? With pleasure, my friend.

11. In public? Hells yes!

12. Basically, inter-species cuddling is the future. Deal with it.

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