13 Baby Animals Being Grumpy Old Men

Tiny creatures who have a huge bone to pick with you.

1. 1) Do you have any idea how loud that music is?

2. 2) You kids get off my property!

3. 3) You’re paying for this to be cleaned up. I hope you know that.

4. 4) Your bed is so lumpy, I didn’t have a wink of sleep. Again!

5. 5) Somebody turn the tv on. There’s too many buttons on this clicker thing.

6. 6) How am I supposed to enjoy the park with all your children playing?

7. 7) If this is what passes for food these days, I’d rather starve.

8. 8) Jesus, that sun is way too bright today. Close the damn drapes!

9. 9) How would you feel if I always threw my frisbee in YOUR yard?

10. 10) Alright, where the hell did you put my glasses?

11. 11) Get your hands off me! If I need help getting up, I’ll ask for it.

12. 12) Keep your voices down! Do you have any idea what time it is? It’s 9:30 at night!

13. 13) And if I ever catch you putting your garbage in my recycling again, I’m calling the police!

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