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    30 Under ₹99 Stationery Essentials You'll Want To Hoard Immediately

    If the smell of fresh stationery makes you weirdly happy, this is for you!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cool new notebook is something you'll use every day so you may as well pick something you'll feel happy to look at.

    2. This bestselling Cello Highlighter Set - ₹99 has 1,700+ reviews. The five vibrant colours will make studying so much more fun...or at least less painful. They're non-toxic, water-based and washable.

    Colours include: Pink, Orange, Neon yellow, Purple and Red.

    Cello Highlighter Set - ₹99 for 5

    3. These Cello Glitter Inks - ₹85 with 2000+ reviews will add a little sparkle to anything you touch.

    4. This extremely adorable, waterproof unicorn zipper pouch - ₹89 to keep all your precious stationery in one place.

    5. Adult colouring books like this mandala colouring book - ₹80 or this flower colouring book - ₹80, that'll let you colour your way to a calmer you.

    6. This non-toxic, water-based Camlin Kokuyo Office Highlighter Set - ₹99 for 5.

    Colours include: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue.

    Camlin Kokuyo Office Highlighter Set - ₹99 for 5

    7. Staedtler Watercolour Pencils - ₹70 offer a wide range of colouring possibilities— they can be used as-is or with water and a brush for a watercolour effect. The triangular shape provides an ergonomic grip too.

    8. Buy lightweight ball pens in bulk for note-taking, so you never run out despite the professor who gives way too many assignments or that classmate who always asks to borrow one and never returns it. This Cello Technotip set - ₹66 for 10 or Cello Pinpoint set - ₹70 for 10 are both great options.

    9. This Apsara Scholars Kit - ₹99 comes epquipped with several pencils, erasers, sharpeners, a ruler and a crayon set so you're always generously equipped.

    10. Fine-tipped Luxor pens - ₹80 (pack of 10) in assorted colours to help you write and underline with greater precision.

    11. These gorgeous adhesive glitter tapes - ₹95 (set of 10) to section off parts of your notebook in style!

    12. Classmate Octane Colour Burst - ₹99 are a set of ten gel pens in popular colours, including gold and silver! Use them for note-taking, artwork and more.

    13. Use this organiser - ₹99 with several compartments to store smaller items so they're not scattered all over your desk.

    14. Note-taking just got easier with the Linc Glycer Ball Pen Set - ₹99 for 10. They have a precise 0.6mm tip, comfortable rubber grip and come in vibrant colours.

    15. Colourful A4 sheets in assorted colours are a welcome break from boring white sheets and will always come in handy for craft projects - ₹97 (Set of 100)

    16. This mini blackboard or slate - ₹97 to jot down handwritten to-dos, quotes, doodles and more in an old-school way, which will feel so wholesome!

    17. Plantcil plantable seed pencils - ₹99 (Set of 10) can be planted after using until they're short. They contain 100% organic, non-GMO seeds that will sprout in a week.

    18. This Classmate combo kit - ₹99 includes a drawing book, oil pastels, wax crayons and more— a great gift for yourself or for your artistic nephew or niece.

    Contains: Drawing book (40 Pages), Oil Pastels, Wax Crayons, Eraser, Sharpener, Scale (15 Cm)

    Get it here.

    19. This basic stationery set - ₹99 has got you covered in the neccessary-odds-and-ends department of pins, push pins, paper clips, binder clips and rubber bands...and they're colourful too!

    Includes: 28g pins, 30 push pins, 30 paper clips, 15 binder clips and 5g rubber bands

    Basic stationery set - ₹99

    20. What will you do without sticky notes - ₹75 (80 sheets) in assorted colours to write important to-dos, notes and motivational quotes to inspire yourself.

    21. These clear arrow sticky notes - ₹99 in five bright neon colours to draw attention to important pages or parts of your text.

    22. These fine-tipped water brush pens - ₹99 for 3 that you can use instead of a brush for painting, for a more precise effect.

    23. If you love classic paintbrushes, you absolutely need to hoard some Faber Castell flat brushes - ₹85, round brushes - ₹80 and tri-grip brushes - ₹80!

    24. This Camlin Math Drawing Instruments Box - ₹99 that'll make geometry a breeze and not get you detention because you forgot to bring your protractor.

    25. Camel Fabrica has acrylic colours in finishes like Pearl, Metallic, and Ultra, for all your craft projects and DIY needs.

    26. A classic black mesh pen stand - ₹69 or a handmade wooden pencil stand - ₹99 to hold your overflowing collection of writing instruments.

    27. This Faber-Castell Connector Pen Set - ₹56 (Pack of 15) interlocks in a modular way so it's easier for you to keep and find every single one.

    28. If you're constantly painting, get your hands on these Camel watercolour cakes (set of 24) or watercolour tubes (12 colours).

    29. This sturdy Camlin Kokuyo Canvas Board - ₹85 is made of acid-free canvas coated with acrylic primer, making it ideal for acrylic paints and heavier application of colours.

    30. And this memo holder - ₹57 that'll hold photos, postcards and notes to yourself.

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