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    29 Wholesome, Retro 50s Items For Anyone Obsessed With Mad Men, The Queen's Gambit, And The Crown

    "Another day in paradise!"

    1. Mid-century modern decor was very popular in the 50s. Get the look with our post: 29 Home Decor Products To Nail The Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic

    2. Furniture with hairpin legs were trendy in the 50s, like this accent table, or this terrazzo top table - from ₹999.

    3. A must-have accessory to nail this look is a gorgeous sunburst mirror, and this golden coloured one will light up your whole space - ₹1,999

    4. Get a starburst of a chandelier to go with that sunburst mirror. The Sputnik chandelier is an iconic midcentury modern fixture, named after the 1957 satellite - ₹4,700

    5. A pair of comfortable, sophisticated kitten heels - from ₹349 is a must for the 50s look!

    6. This semi-formal MANQ checkered blazer has a formal yet playful vibe - ₹2,374

    7. A FujiFilm Instax mini9 - ₹3,937 to capture memories with instant, physical polaroids.

    8. This (imitation) pearl necklace and earrings set will always look so classic. The set is available in 8 shades and comes in a velvet folder.

    9. A fabulous red lipstick, in a matte or creamy matte texture, like Maybelline Siren in Scarlet - ₹217

    10. Match it with bright red nail polish, like this Miniso nail polish in Rough Red - ₹54

    11. You can't go wrong with a pair of cotton gloves - ₹229 that are stylish and will protect your hands from various surfaces.

    12. A beautiful cigarette case - ₹349 that you can use to hold Phantom Sweet Cigarettes candy - ₹249

    13. Dramatic false lashes, like these Miss Hot lashes - ₹139 for 5. Includes lash glue AND a curler, which makes it a total steal for this price.

    14. Add some romantic curls to your hair with this Vega 3-in-1 straightener, curler and crimper - ₹1,349

    15. A high-quality cast iron cooking pan - ₹3,499 in a bright colour to make soups and stews.

    16. This lovely English country floral recipe box - ₹940 anyone who loves cooking can store their favourite recipes in.

    17. A set of martini glasses to celebrate.

    18. Make old-school desserts at home like vanilla custard - ₹35 or red raspberry jelly - ₹45 with pre-mixes from Weikfield. Pair with cake, cookies, and fruit.

    19. Keep your favourite ghazals, Bollywood, regional and indie songs always playing in the background with the Saregama Carvaan Mini Speaker - ₹1,799. Available in 8 colours, it comes preloaded with 351 classic Indian songs and lets you enjoy your personal collection through USB and Bluetooth, and listen to AM/FM radio as well.

    20. This Writer's Companion vintage ceramic vase - ₹1,545 in the shape of a vintage book that you can use to hold flowers, cutlery or stationery.

    21. Bar carts - ₹2,950 were hugely popular in the 50s. If you don't drink, stock it with non-alcoholic beverages and style it with books and showpieces.

    22. This set of retro tins - ₹999 for 16 to store your assorted trinkets, like earphones, jewellery, keys, pills and more. You may also like these mini bag-shaped tins - ₹349 for 2.

    23. This beginner's embroidery kit - ₹599 with instructions and all the tools and materials you'll need to practice six different types of hand embroidery stitches.

    24. This adorable India Circus kettle with elephant motifs will make you want to invite friends over every single day to spill the chai - ₹770

    25. A perfect cat eye or winged look is a must. The felt-tip Maybelline Colossal Liner - ₹271 offers precise application with an intense black finish that dries in seconds and lasts for up to 12 hours. Newbies will also like the Miss Rose Dual Eyeliner Pen and Winged Stamp - ₹402 for that perfect winged look.

    26. This cute, polka-dot Miniso headwrap - ₹150 will keep your hair in place while you do your elaborate skincare routine.

    27. These cute vintage floral coin purses - ₹425 (Set of 2) will make you want to give up your digital payment apps forever.

    28. You will love this book of sassy vintage illustrations by Anne Taintor: Someone has to set a bad example: An Anne Taintor Collection or this set of postcards Another Day in Paradise.

    29. Finally, you may also like this witty Anne Taintor 2021 Engagement Calendar - ₹1,495 to "keep track of one year's worth of meetings and cocktail hours."