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    30 Products That Will Fill Malayalis With Nostalgia

    It's God's Own Country for a reason, baby!🌴🌴

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This pack of three varieties of premium chips (banana, tapioca, and spicy tapioca) to stuff down the face of the next pottan who asks you if you speak "Malayali" - ₹699

    2. The best part about being Mallu is you never have to go looking for other Mallus— they always find you! (“Malayali alle? Naatil evideya?”) Keep your favourite state in your heart and on your fridge with this Kerala fridge magnet - ₹229

    3. This spicy Kerala Masala Chai that will take you right back to your neighborhood chaya kada where you went for your fix of tea, banana fritters, intellectual conversations, and gossip - ₹399

    4. Soft, eco-friendly thorthus — because, fight me, Kerala towels are hands down the best and most low maintenance towels in the world - ₹280

    5. A Fire TV stick that will let you watch Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, and more, which now have the best Malayalam movies and shows. Get yourself, amma, achhan, ammomma, and your whole fam this gift this Vishu - ₹3,999

    6. The stress-relieving and uplifting Forest Essentials Cochin Lemongrass room spray will transport you to childhood evenings of powercuts when you'd sit on balconies and rooftops with the whole fam, under the stars, waving newspaper fans and trying not to get bitten by mosquitos. That mood, minus the mosquitos, obvi - ₹1,075

    7. Every mon needs a mundu, and this classic mundu with velcro and a pocket will ensure you bring the swag to any occasion without the hassle of tying it or worrying if it'll fall off - from ₹414

    8. Are you even mallu if you don't own a pair of signature flip-flops you wear everywhere? Paragon has several modern styles available that are super comfy, durable, chic, and will fit right into any wardrobe.

    9. Make every meal feel like a grand sadhya with these plantain leaf-inspired plates - from ₹410

    10. Cane furniture is a major millennial decor trend right now, but it's been a mallunniel decor trend forever! You'll never want to get up from this eco-friendly bamboo cane chair that comes with a cushion - ₹2,560

    11. If coconut oil was central to your life way before it became fashionable, and you looove smelling inexplicably and deliciously of coconuts, get extra virgin coconut oil straight from the motherland for all your cooking and beauty needs- ₹499

    12. If tender coconut water, the national drink of Kerala, is hard to come by, order six-packs of Paper Boat Coconut Water so you're always stocked up - ₹216

    13. Upgrade your basic H2O by making your own authentic, detoxifying chukku vellum at home with karingali bark - ₹149

    14. Gold jewellery, every Mallu's big love, is super trendy right now. Get this "Au"-some unisex set of six gold-finish chains in six textures everyone from 50 Cent to your mom will approve of - ₹449

    15. Or how about this elegant palakka-style bracelet with a gold finish- ₹350

    16. If you're on the path to good health in 2020 and are looking for nutritious options, get this achamma-approved organic red rice - ₹140

    17. Keep these jackfruit chips handy to feed any nosy comrades who ask you if you're a communist because you're from Kerala - ₹260 (pack of 4)

    18. Get these adipoli, classic banana chips that you'll thulp in no time - ₹310

    19. When people ask you why you're so luminescent, smile mysteriously and introduce them the miracles of ayurvedic kumkumadi tailam - ₹760

    20. The cult favourite Medimix ayurvedic soap with 18 potent herbs will bring back the scent of your childhood - ₹160 (pack of 5)

    21. For a living room addition that represents your heritage, get Portrait Kerala by Aruna Nambiar. This coffee table book is full of exquisite photographs and interesting notes about the distinctive history and culture of Kerala. And it has an introduction by Shashi Tharoor - ₹1,800

    22. Come pouring rain or raging sunshine, keep a Popy kuda handy to protect yourself from the elements of nature - ₹350

    23. Who wouldn't love to start their day with some steaming hot puttu with coconut flakes, and chutney or kadala, maybe a banana on the side? Get a puttukudam, available for an individual or for a family - ₹280

    24. Or how about this appam maker for a delicious snack you can make at home - ₹268

    25. In the pre-internet era, you had to have the Manorama Yearbook to update your "GK" each year. Even post-internet, it's still wildly popular and has a cult following - ₹240

    26. These delicious low carb keto elaichi biscuits will satisfy your undying love of cardamom - ₹229

    27. The Malayalee Alphabet by artist Taarika John is a delightful colouring book featuring a character for every alphabet. It also includes a glossary of beloved Malayalam words and expressions. A timeless keepsake kids and adults alike will adore - ₹599

    28. These unique and decadent Malabar Secrets artisanal chocolates come infused with natural, ayurvedic herbs, and spices right from God's Own Country - from ₹400

    29. Invest in this beautiful and affordable six yard Kerala sari that you'll end up wearing for every special occasion henceforth - ₹349

    30. Finally, invest in an ACTUAL GOLD BAR from Joyalukkas that's almost as precious as you. Your mallu parents will be pleased with your wise investing and never question your shopping decisions again - ₹21,898