Shanyn W

Shanyn W Shanyn: /shan-in/(n) A comedic/lifestyle writer who loves Dr.Phil and exotic cheeses. Take a literary, visual walk with Shanyn through the wonderful world of the web. You might regret it. I mean, WON'T* regret it.
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  • 7 Super Interesting Facts About The Human Eye

    They’re beautiful to look at and incredible to see with, but we don’t realize that there are so many other interesting discoveries about the human eye. Checkout these 7 facts about eyes that you can impress your Ophthalmologist with on your next visit.

  • 12 Uses For Coconut Oil

    More than just an item on sale that you’ve seen before in Trader Joes, Coconut Oil has a lot more uses than just to use for cooking. Here are 12 alternative uses that might surprise you, so you better get to the grocery store ASAP!

  • 4 Gay British Weddings I’d Like To Go To

    Same-sex marriage is now legal in England and Wales which means one thing; game on, gays. And whether or not these 4 English celebrities are getting hitched anytime soon, I’m fantasizing about their receptions I’d love to attend.

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