12 Reasons why Cornwall is the County of Awesomeness

You can’t deny a fact. Cornwall is awesome.

1. The Cornish pasty.

Hot, meaty, VAT free, goodness.
Note to politicians: never attempted to tax a pasty or feel the wrath of the entire Cornish population.

2. Beaches.

Wonderful, sandy beaches. Sometimes unseasonably cold


Watergate Bay. *sigh*

4. The Countryside.

If you like greenery, Cornwall has lots. It’s not bad to look at either.

5. Actual fishing villages.

Complete with ye olde fishing boat and probably a toothless fisherman.

6. Slightly strange local headlines.

8. Giant legends.

As in, legends which tell of giants. Folklore states that Carn Brea Hill was once occupied by giant who went by the name John of Gaunt. The giant was said to have had a rivalry with another local giant called Bolster (yes, there was more than one giant). The two would frequently engage in battles where they would throw boulders at one another (ouch). John of Gaunt is said to be buried underneath Carn Brea hill. Apparently he turned into stone.

9. The Cornish Language.

That’s right, Cornwall has its very own ancient language. Repeat after me: “Me venga cawas Hoggan.” Translation: “I’d like to have a pasty.”

10. Castles.

Cornwall is home to a number of castles. And castles equal awesomeness.
St Michael’s Mount in Marazion is small rocky island which is home to a small number of houses and a very old church and castle; with the oldest thought to date back to the 12th century. The island can be accessed by boat or via a footpath when the tide is low.

11. The Minack Theatre

Theatre by the sea? In the sun? Eating a pasty? Yes please.

12. The Cornish people.

They’re a proud bunch! Kernow bys vyken!

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