10 of the Best UK Kids TV Shows of the 90’s

British 90’s + Childrens TV = This Post (Happiness)

1. Tots TV

Actual quote: “Cor Tilly, that was a loud one!” The tots have been known to insult each other using words such as ‘banana’ ‘tomato’ and ‘sausage’. What’s not to love?

2. Rosie and Jim

The 90’s gave us many a ragdoll. Rosie and Jim are ragdolls in love. Apparently Rosie hates the midlands. Not totally sure why.

3. Playdays

I’m not going to lie; that’s one hell of a bus. Boris Johnson, take note.

4. Come Outside

Funky looking transport was obviously a thing in 90’s and Aunty Mabel wasn’t missing out. Not the most obvious mode of transport, Aunty Mabel and her dog, Pippin, flew a spotty plane. I recently found out Aunty Mabel didn’t actually fly the plane and instead it was man wearing her clothes. I’ve been living a lie. Also, Pippin is now dead. *sad face*

5. Pingu

Any decent human being loves penguins, therefore, all decent human beings will love an adorable claymation about a penguin named Pingu. It’s scientific fact. Sort of.

6. ZZap

Zzap! Comic style epicness. How good were those drawings that were, like, real!?

7. Sooty and Sweep

Sooty and Sweep has provided millions of kids with decades of entertainment. Mischievous puppets with an adorable squeak. Who needs words, ey?

8. Old Bear and Friends

Jane Hissey’s popular children’s book became the basis for the Bafta, yes, Bafta award winning children’s TV series.

9. Postman Pat

Another program that has served generations of kids; Postman Pat is everyones favourite postman. Royal Mail has never looked so good.

10. Noddy

Yet another decade spanner, Noddy is something of a national treasure, and we all love a good national treasure. Cheryl Cole has been described as a national treasure (by the Daily Mail, no less) but she’s definitely no noddy.

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