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14 Devastating Fails All Instagram Stalkers Will (Secretly) Understand

Let’s not pretend we don’t all do it, and that it doesn’t have heartbreaking real life consequences.

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1. The dreaded double-tap: Unintentionally "liking" a photo you had no intention of liking (except for in your head).

2. Especially when it’s a crush, who was previously unaware that you were stalking them.


3. Or that crush's ex.

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4. Or their current squeeze, in which case please let there be unexpected natural disaster that ends humanity immediately.

5. Double-tapping a six month old photo of a very ex, ex, EX-significant other.

Much Music / Via

6. When your inquisitive parent thinks that double-tapping is just a nifty way of zooming in.

New Line Cinema / Via

7. Denial of access to an obvious gold mine: Finding the Instagram of your ex-love’s new love, only to find it’s set to “private”.

8. Posting the hottest selfie you’ve ever taken only to realize you’ve mistimed it. The crush you intended to see it has been rock climbing all day and may not ever see it.

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9. Constructing Instagram posts to illustrate what a fun life you’re having and being CONVINCED that your ex will find this insufferably enigmatic.

10. Catching a naive and/or shameless crush stalking your own profile thanks to the “Likes: News” tab.


11. But let’s be honest... this is actually amazing.

Columbia Pictures

12. Letting somebody borrow your phone only to have them discover your guilty pleasure hashtag search.


13. Having to pretend it’s total, unheard of news to you when your crush explains how he went to the beach, hiking, and In 'N Out Burger on the weekend.

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14. When you realize that none of the above is reversible thanks to every iPhone user’s bitchy “notifications” drag-down feature.

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