The Definitive Ranking Of Disney Character Hairstyles

Because those Disney locks are a styling feat.

30. Lady Tremaine, Cinderella

Rocking the natural gray look. No hair dye needed here!

29. Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck

Disney / Via

OK, so these two leading ladies don’t really have hair, but they sure know how to accessorize boldly. Those giant bows aren’t easy to pull off.

28. Cinderella, Cinderella

Disney / Via

What kind of bun is that? And what’s with the puffy wave of bangs on her head? She may have the best dress, but Cindy got stuck with a pretty bad updo.

27. Tiana, The Princess and The Frog

Disney / Via

Even though her hair is constantly a mess, it kinda works for her.

26. Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

It’s not easy to pull of short hair, but Snow crushes it by adding that adorable bow.

25. Hercules, Hercules

Disney / Via

Mad flow. Maaaaad flow.

24. Kida, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Striking, original, unexpected. It takes guts to rock the all white look.

23. Jane, Tarzan

It’s not easy to keep your locks luscious when you’re stuck in the middle of the jungle. Think about it — she can’t even shower, let alone blow-dry.

22. Maleficient, Sleeping Beauty

Ok, not exactly a “do”, but that horn/hat/hair thing is pretty freakin’ boss.

21. Pocahontas, Pocahontas

She’s really working that windswept thing.

20. Mowgli, The Jungle Book

Disney / Via

The frayed bob is so in right now.

19. Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Casual ponytail dressed up with a big bow. Classy, yet convenient.

18. Captain Hook, Peter Pan

His hair is so shiny, his curls so bouncy. Plus that hat. So haute couture.

17. Tinkerbelle, Peter Pan

Disney / Via

One pixie cut to rule them all.

16. Kristoff, Frozen

Is he an ice-man or a lax-bro? Either way, he’s got that cool guy-flow, and brings all new meaning to “frosted tips.”

15. Alice, Alice in Wonderland

Disney / Via

The contrast of the dark black headband to her bright blonde hair? Cuteness alert, CUTENESS ALERT.

14. Esmeralda, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Disney / Via

Messy-chic, plus that 60’s-inspired head scarf? Killing it, Esmeralda. Killing it.

13. Tarzan, Tarzan

Disney / Via

That mane is gorgeous, and who doesn’t love a guy who can pull off long locks? (Plus those abs.)

12. Anna, Frozen

The adorkable double braid is cute, but that sole white streak is totally adventurous. Instant style icon.

11. Flynn Rider, Rapunzel

Don’t you just wanna run your fingers through those locks? Swoon.

10. Megara, Hercules

Disney / Via

How does she get so much volume?

9. Cruella Deville, 101 Dalmations

Disney / Via

Boldly half black, half white. How has she not been on the cover of Vogue yet!?

8. Merida, Brave

That hair has a life of it’s own. The body, the color, the texture… it’s pure power. Her hair is power.

7. Elsa, Frozen

Sexy and stylish, but gives the illusion that you just rolled out of bed and threw it together. Girl can rock a braid.

6. John Smith, Pocahontas

How long do you think he spends styling in the morning?

5. Ariel, The Little Mermaid

That color. Oh my God.

4. Jasmine, Aladdin

All of her styles from the sultry high ponytail, down and luxurious, and the puffy tri-bubble pony — her hair is straight sex appeal.

3. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

Disney / Via

How does she keep those curls so bouncy, especially whilst dancing through the forest? Impressive.

2. Hades, Hercules

Disney / Via

His hair is fire. FIRE!

1. Rapunzel, Tangled

Her hair defies nature, plus it can serve as a rope swing, pulley system, has magical healing powers, and can tie up men. And when she daringly chops it all off, she also rocks the brunette shag. Rapunzel is the obvious winner of the Disney dos.

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