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27 Definitions Of Fit That Are All Accurate AF

Because it's so much more than how long it takes you to run a mile.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what ~being fit~ means to them.

We got responses from readers who represent a bunch of different backgrounds, experiences, and realities, but of course each and every one won't ring true for — or be accessible to — every single person. If you have different experiences, we definitely want to hear yours! Please share your own in the comments.

1. Being fit is the ability to take on new and exciting challenges.

2. It's smashing goals you never believed you could.

3. It's powering through a fitness class.

4. And being able to play in a pick-up game with friends.

5. It's being able to carry all the grocery bags in one trip.

6. It's running up three flights of stairs without being winded.

7. And it's catching up to the ice cream truck moments after it's driven off.

8. It's dancing all night long, without being exhausted.

9. It's achieving 250+ steps an hour.

10. It's going to the gym and doing a little more than you did last time.

11. It's being able to last more than three hours in a zombie apocalypse.

12. It's going to physical therapy and working hard to recover.

13. It's running a mile without passing out.

14. Or being flexible and strong enough to dance ballet.

15. And having the ability to keep up with your kids.

16. It's feeling like you can tackle all your daily chores and tasks.

17. It's having a strong core and great cardiovascular endurance.

18. Being able to keep up during marching band practices and performances.

19. And never having to say "no" to something fun.

20. It's maintaining balance, but never punishing yourself.

21. Waking up, feeling energetic and vital.

22. And feeling yourself getting stronger.

23. It's crushing a workout and feeling wonderful afterwards.

24. It's strengthening your lungs as well as your legs.

25. And feeling inspired to be better, and empowered to do so.

26. It's winning fights against your self-doubts.

27. Fitness is about doing what makes you happy, and being able to do it for many years to come.

Some answers have been edited for length and clarity.

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