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    Mix And Match Androgynous Swimwear For People Of Any Gender

    String bikinis aren't for everybody.

    Planning fabulous beach trips shouldn't be stressful.

    But for plenty of masculine-of-center lesbians, genderqueer people, trans men, and anyone else who might not feel like themselves in a teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, suiting up for a swim is often a bit of a nightmare.

    Never fear. The swimwear pieces below can be mixed and matched for endless pattern, style, and fit options — because everyone deserves to feel as comfortable on the beach as Kristen Stewart looks.

    Rash guards — sleeveless, short-sleeve, or long-sleeve

    1. Land's End, $25

    2. Nike, $39.95

    3. Patagonia, $69

    You can easily hit the beach in a favorite tee or tank, but cotton is cumbersome when it gets wet. Rash guards, in addition to providing UV protection, are specifically made for the water, so they won't cling or chafe.


    1. Adidas, £38/about $58 USD (sold as a two-piece)

    2. Outplay (high and low compression options)

    3. Monki, $10.54

    Like sports bras, but ones you can swim in. The Outplay tops (pictured center in both this section and the following section) offer a high compression option for transmasculine and gender nonconforming folks who chest bind.

    Swim Tanks And Halters

    1. Hurley, $36.75

    2. Outplay, $55 (low or high compression options)

    3. Seea, $120

    Step up your tomboy femme game with a detailed halter, or keep it simple with a clean-lined tank.

    And you can always just go topless.


    1. Topman, $30

    2. ASOS, $36

    3. Boardies, $81

    Pro tip: For those assigned female at birth, cutting out any netting inside men's swim shorts will make for a more comfortable swim. (H/T The Sartorial Butch)

    Board shorts

    1. Topman, $30

    2. American Eagle, $44.95

    3. Maui & Sons, $33.71

    Ditto the short-shorts tip ^

    Boi Shorts and Hipsters

    1. Outplay, $30

    2. Nike, $32.20

    3. Hurley, $37

    For those times when you want to show a little more leg.

    Vintage Swim Trunks

    1. Ida Tooth Vintage, $54.36

    2. Lightning Bolt, $29.99

    2. Ida Tooth Vintage, $34.17

    Because yesterday's menswear is today's androwear.


    1. Classic Ray-Bans, $92

    2. Randolph Engineering, $169

    3. Horn-rimmed ZeroUV, $10.99

    *sunglasses face emoji*


    1. Jack & Jones, $28

    2. Goorin, $25

    3. ASOS, $25

    Panel caps are appropriately beach-y, but you also can't go wrong with a good old baseball hat. Solid or patterned — whatever floats your boat.

    Beach bags

    1. Jack Spade, $78

    2. Herschel, $99

    3. Jack & Jones, $46

    Tote, duffel, or backpack. SO MANY OPTIONS.

    Now get packed up and get going.