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    Stop Whatever You're Doing And Reflect On These Iconic Real Housewives One Liners

    "She's not my honey, she's a skanky bitch."

    1. When Vicki channeled her inner Regina George.

    2. And Jacqueline was honestly just over everything.

    3. When Kenya was all like: "LOL WTF are you doing here?"

    4. And Tamra came up with this brutal nickname for Alexis.

    5. When Lisa Rinna basically accused Dorit of doing hard drugs.

    6. And Teresa clarified what Danielle was to her.

    7. When Kenya literally didn't send for anyone.

    8. And Kelly coined a new term.

    9. When Porsha had a fun new name for Kandi's house.

    10. And Sheree schooled the party planner.

    11. When NeNe provided this iconic clapback.

    12. And, lets not forget this impressive reference Teresa made to that clown debacle last fall.

    13. When Heather got creative.

    14. And Lynn was like, so fed up with the lack of class.

    15. When Tamra had this to say.

    16. And NeNe bid adieu to Kim.

    17. When Vicki literally compared herself to Jesus.

    18. And Phaedra made this savage biblical reference.

    19. When Kyle could absolutely not handle the dishonesty.

    20. And Erika said what everyone was thinking.

    21. When Tamra asked this clever question.

    22. And NeNe was beyond done.

    23. When Alex left this sweet compliment.

    24. And Phaedra was all like: "Why you so obsessed with me?"

    25. When Gizelle literally ridiculed hair.

    26. And Sonja clarified what she stirs.

    27. When Adriana made this play on words.

    28. And Gina tossed out this kind sentiment.

    29. When Lea suggested this bright idea for how to fight.

    30. And Luann asked this meaningful question.

    31. When Brandi hit way below the belt.

    32. And Aviva was 110% done.

    33. When Brandi gave Lisa a run for her money.

    34. And Luann really wanted Heather to ~relax~ about the naked man upstairs.

    35. When Bethenny was all like: "Tell me something I don't know."

    36. And Kim threw ~this~ out there.

    37. When Dina wasn't quite sure what the intentions were.

    38. And finally, when Teresa delivered the most ~iconic~ five syllables in housewife history.