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    60 Times Golden Retrievers Were So Adorable You Wanted To Cry

    WARNING: Cuteness Overload

    1. I am a handkerchief model.

    2. All are welcome to participate in the cuddle train.

    3. How do you think we got the name "Man's Best Friend"?

    4. No, I have no clue where the treats disappeared to.

    5. Don't interrupt my focus, preparing for an intense game of fetch.

    6. I am ready to be pushed.


    8. I just need to jump in 1 more puddle, please just 1 more!

    9. Can I get any fluffier? The answer is no.

    10. I know I buried the bone somewhere around here.

    11. This is my friend, her name is Puppy.

    12. SO FULL. CAN'T WALK.

    13. I am the queen of cuteness, put me down.

    14. This is my stick, throw it to me.

    15. I have officially made fetch happen.

    16. If I lick your ankles can I get a treat?

    17. We are the Easter bunnies.

    18. They lied to you, I am the Easter bunny.

    19. Look at the paw, watch the paw, follow the paw.

    20. You missed a spot right here.

    21. Too much fetch. Must sleep.

    22. Do I have a double chin?

    23. Is my training done yet?

    24. I am ready for ballet class.

    25. Let me come to school with you!

    26. Please tell me we aren't going to the vet.

    27. Need help with the mail?


    29. I am a proud founder of the footie pajamas revival.

    30. Here I am, the most dapper ring bearer known to dog.

    31. For the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    32. I love you this much.

    33. Mommy let me sleep with her because I had a scary nightmare.

    34. Say cheese!

    35. Let the sobbing commence.

    36. Sometimes you just need to hug it out.

    37. Don't make me walk. I won't do it.

    38. He wants to be a police dog just like his father.

    39. I brought you a gift so you can play with me.

    40. I am ready for pets whenever you are.

    41. Pile of puppies!

    42. So excited for college. COLLEGE.

    43. This will be on our Christmas card.

    44. I woke up like this.

    45. HALP, I'M STUCK.

    46. These are the puppy eyes, you will succumb to the puppy eyes.

    47. I licked your straw, this drink is now mine.

    48. Ahhh, yaaass. Keep scratching right there.

    49. We're going to the park! We're going to the park!

    50. The cuteness is blinding.

    51. Nap time for all.

    52. I came, I fetched, I conquered.

    53. I am the Lion King.

    54. The party has arrived.

    55. THIS IS LOVE.

    56. We made all of this fluffiness, ALL OF IT.

    57. I profess my love in tail wags and licks.

    58. The cone of shame transformed to the cone of style.

    59. Ooohhh heaven is a place on Earth.

    60. Try not to cry.