8 Purses Who Forgot How To Purse

You’re pursing wrong, purse.

1. This purse, who wants to stab you.

Ouch, purse.

2. This purse, who is kidding herself.

Really purse?

3. This purse, who showed up naked and should be ashamed.

Have you no decency, purse?

4. This purse, who thinks we won’t notice her little secret.

Go home purse, you’re drunk. Literally.

5. This purse, who needs to grow up already.

Quit hanging on to the past, purse!

6. This guy.


7. Are you a purse or are you food? DECIDE, purse!

You are a tease, purse. That’s what you are.

8. And this purse, who is going through an identity crisis and would appreciate your support.

We’re here for you purse.

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