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    The Most Feminist Rap Song?

    T.I.'s "Freak Though" is a jam ladies can get behind.

    Happy 2013! Let's take a moment to think about how old we all are and how it's been nine years since the appearance of mainstream hip hop's most feminist track -- at least from a man.

    Sure, T.I.'s 2004 jam "Freak Though" plays to heteronormative stereotypes (and it's pretty dirty) but as rap songs go, it's one of the most sex-positive out there.

    In the song, Tip admonishes those who would deem his girl a ho -- pointing out, "The main thing making n***** judge you / is the same thing that make me wanna love you."

    Now I been told every n**** in the streets know
    She nothing but a freak ho
    But when I look in her pretty eyes, I don't see it though
    Now she done showed me some s*** that I ain't seen before
    But what we do behind closed doors is for me to know

    T.I.'s decision to get down and dirty is a nice corrective to both the typical misgogynistic claptrap in rap and the songs from so-called "conscious" rappers who, in their attempts to uplift, also manage to talk down to women who don't adhere to their "standards."

    Let's cross our fingers that we get a worthy follow up before 10 years have passed.