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    This Poem Shows The Effect Eating Disorders Have On People's Lives

    "Soon enough you feel like you’re in control again."

    This poem articulates the thoughts and challenges a person with an eating disorder might experience. Through poetry and dance, it shows one person's journey to recovery and acceptance:

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    "In the beginning it was simple enough. It may have started as just a diet — you pay attention to what you eat but more than you should ... and pay more and more attention to what you look like."

    "Perhaps something happened that made you feel like you had lost security. Perhaps you never felt secure in the first place."

    "Friends start noticing something's different."

    “You’re losing weight.” “I didn’t realize how skinny you are.”

    "You spend countless hours in front of the mirror only seeing the flaws in yourself. Meticulously taking count of where you need to improve and planning."

    "You have never been so determined."

    "The comments become concerns."

    "I heard noises coming from the bathroom." "I'm worried."

    "You’ve lost sight of the things you once cared about and go quiet, withdraw. You’ve pushed away the people that love you by lying to them. You insist you're OK, but they know that’s not true and so do you."

    "The day comes when you look in the mirror and don't recognize who you're looking at."

    "Something you could keep under control but now it's controlling you."

    "If you want your life back, you’re gonna have to start being honest, both with yourself and with the people around you."

    “Do not spend another day listening to the voice that tells you you’re ugly, or fat, or not good enough.”

    "It doesn’t get any weaker, but you can get stronger. It doesn’t get any quieter, but you can choose to stop listening."

    "You are excellent at noticing what can be improved and you know how to suffer through hard work. Do not waste those skills. Repurpose that drive and determination and make beautiful things out of it."

    "Things will never go back to normal. You will have bad days and occasionally take steps backward."

    "Soon enough you feel like you’re in control again."

    "Not because you can make your body what you want it to be, but because you’ve accepted it for what it is."