16 Worst Things To Get Trick-Or-Treating

No one wants this sh*t in their trick-or-treat bags!

1. Apples

Unless it comes with Ryan Gosling.

2. Toothbrush

Don’t remind me what all this candy does to my teeth.

3. Whoppers


4. Pretzels

Pretzels are gross.

5. Razor Blade Candies

Mom always warned us about this stuff.

6. Good and Plenty

Black licorice is always disgusting. It’s especially disgusting when it coats itself in hard candy and tried to trick you.

7. Raisins

Great for trail mix. Terrible for trick-or-treat bag. Raisinets are, however, welcome.

8. Swedish Fish

Too chewy and gross.

9. Homemade Candy

Mom also warned us about this - creepers could be filling these with poison or acid! Dump these things immediately.

10. Milk Duds

Same thing as Whoppers.

11. Candy Buttons

You always end up eating paper.

12. Double Bubble Gum

In theory, this is good. The classic bubblegum smell is appealing, but the taste lasts about 15 seconds before it gets all gross and weird and cardboardy. Pass.

13. DOTS

Why does this keep trying to be a thing? They’re in movie theaters and Halloween bags all over the country. Banish them!

14. Strawberry Hard Candies

They are gross to suck on and even grosser when you get to the gooey center.

15. Tootsie FlavorRoll

Straight up nasty.

16. Peppermint Candy


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