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    15 Truths About Pole Dancing

    From the beginner to the seasoned pro, here are 15 truths that all pole dancers can agree on. It's not what you'd expect!

    1. Your gym bag will be infinitely cooler because of the stripper shoes you keep in them.

    2. It's not always graceful.

    3. Your thighs will get stuck and burn with an unholy fire.

    4. Your hands will look pretty gnarly.

    5. All around the world, some of us compete to be the best!

    6. But honestly, we only pole dance to prepare for the worst.

    7. Everyone else thinks your partner is one lucky bastard.


    Spoiler: They're not.

    8. Once you're addicted, you can't stop thinking about it.


    All day, erryday.

    9. You get really defensive about pole dancing.


    You totally should try a class.

    10. Accept that moisturizing regularly will never happen again.


    The struggle is real.

    11. Not wearing clothes becomes so normal, you forget that everyone else does.

    12. You accept that bruises become a way of life.


    And you hate that question about domestic abuse. You know what I mean.

    13. Most of the time, you feel like you'll never be strong enough.

    14. But with constant practice, you'll turn into a superhero!


    (And this pose is really called the "Superman!")

    15. No excuses. Everyone is welcome!


    Don't worry about your strength or how you look. JUST TRY IT.

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