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    Posted on 20 Oct 2015

    27 Things An Aussie Learns When Living In America

    Bacon. Is. Everywhere.

    1. When you first hear the American accent, it almost sounds fake.


    2. Their freeways are fucking insane.

    3. And they drive so fast.

    Universal Pictures

    250km/h is ~normal~.

    4. Seriously, driving on an American freeway is like real life Grand Theft Auto.

    Rockstar Games

    5. Their petrol is so cheap.

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    No wonder there's so many road trip movies.

    6. It's impressive how direct everyone is.

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    7. And they do it so well, it's not even threatening.


    8. Americans really take pride in dental hygiene.

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    9. Their confidence knows no bounds.

    20th Century Fox

    10. Not all American children have to wear a uniform to school.

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    Public schools just have a really lax dress code.

    11. Also they don't do "tuck shops". They do big cafeterias.

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    Even in primary school.

    12. Everyone is so obsessed with college applications.


    13. And one year of tuition costs as much as a Sydney high-rise.


    And they don't even get to defer their payment.

    14. Their internet is so fast.

    Warner Bros.

    15. Everything is covered in peanut butter.

    Columbia Pictures

    16. And bacon.

    17. They have really weird spellings for things.


    18. Walmart is like the ocean: it's majestic but you can never turn your back on it.

    Joe Raedle / Getty Images

    19. Going to the DMV is just as a stressful as going to the RTA.

    20. Dinner parties are kind of a big deal.


    21. Hollywood looks better on screen than in person tbh.


    22. But their theme parks are out of this world!

    23. It is a great travesty that Australia doesn't do Halloween.

    Joe Corrigan / Getty Images

    Australia really needs to get on board.

    24. It's frowned upon to drink alcohol in the middle of the day.


    It is NOT 5 p.m. anywhere!

    25. Trying to keep your Australian accent will be the greatest struggle of your life.


    26. And although America is amazing and you really love living there...

    NBC Universal

    27. You really do always call Australia home.

    Marvel Studios

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