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    31 Things You Understand If You Went To An Australian All Girls’ School

    TMI was not a thing.

    1. Stopping mid-hallway to pull up your stockings was a recreational pastime.

    2. Add to that you were a ~queen~ at fixing any ladders that threatened your trusty nylons.

    3. But in the summer, gluing your sock to your legs was the only way to make sure they stayed up.

    Who needed fashion tape when you had a glue stick?!

    4. Going to school was like hanging out with a bunch of sisters.

    5. You hugged and kissed everyone when you met them.

    6. The phenomenon know as "exam eyebrows" plagued you every semester.

    7. There was a ~healthy~ rivalry between you and your brother school.

    8. Though your brother probably went there.

    9. Train stations and bus stops were romantic hot spots where all your friends found their first loves.

    10. Any and all romantic interactions you experienced required an in-depth discussion.

    11. You mastered the art of consoling a fellow sister/classmate who was crying in the bathroom.

    12. You sprayed Lynx on yourself because there were no nice-smelling boys around to sniff.

    13. You covered your folder and locker in photos of Home & Away stars like Jason Smith and Ryan Kwanten.

    14. There was always that one male teacher everyone had a crush on.

    15. You rolled up your skirt, not to be sexy, but because it’s damn hot in the Aussie summer.

    16. Your parents bought your uniform a thousand sizes bigger so you could "grow into it".

    17. And around Easter, you wrapped your uniform buttons in Cadbury Easter egg wrappers for a little added bling.

    18. Mufti day was your time to shine.

    19. But you were gutted that you weren't allowed to wear your super beachy thongs.

    20. But for all the other days, you simply did not care about how you looked.

    21. In fact, hair removal was optional.

    22. You had no shame about calling across a classroom for a pad or tampon just as you would for a pencil.

    23. And it was no surprise that you and your friends' cycles synced up.

    24. TMI was not a thing.

    25. You heard so many lesbian jokes that were not cool and totally homophobic, and you didn't stand for it.

    26. Gender barriers did not exist when it came to school plays, because girls had to play the boys' parts too.

    27. One time, your teacher let you make lip gloss in class as a science experiment.

    28. Being referred to as anything short of "ladies" irked you to your bones.

    29. If it was your birthday, your friends would get you one of these.

    30. You totally wished you went to a co-ed school...

    31. ...But tbh, you wouldn't trade the all girls experience for anything.

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