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    27 Dogs Wearing Socks Who Will Make Your Day

    They'll blow your socks off!

    1. This dog who rocked thigh highs like a true queen.

    2. This spotty and fabulous dog.

    3. This bootylicious dog.

    4. This business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back dog.

    5. This dog who double-cuffed.

    6. This festive dog.

    7. This one-sock-wonder dog.

    8. This dog who colour-coordinated with his owner.

    9. This dog in watermelon-themed socks.

    10. This dog who fears tile flooring.

    11. This dog who checker-ed himself before he wrecker-ed himself.

    12. This classy dog with a cravat.

    13. This dog with the droopiest eyes and socks you've ever seen.

    14. This sleeping dog that was let to lie in socks.

    15. And this dog who woke up in socks, too!

    16. This drunken-floppy-sock dog.

    17. This smouldering-like-the-majestic-being-he-is dog.

    18. This dog who played coy.

    19. This dog who channelled his inner superhero.

    20. And this dog who decided to take a day off.

    21. This oh-no-you-didn't dog.

    22. This rocking-in-fetal-position dog.

    23. This dog who blew a raspberry.

    25. This I-regret-everything dog.

    26. This dog who made the best "Huh?" face.

    27. And last but not least... this dog who rocked Argyle prints like a boss.

    Yep. #DogInSocks do it better than us humans.

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