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    27 Moments That Scare All Aussies Shitless

    Brb choking on Milo.

    1. Finding a funnel web spider in your laundry.

    2. Going to your fuse box and having to deal with a million tiny bugs.

    3. Accidentally swallowing a fly when you talk in summer.

    4. Being attacked by magpies in the spring.

    5. Holding everyone up when the ticketing machine doesn't register your travel card.

    6. Not being able to get a seat on the train on the way to work.

    7. Getting busted breaking a road rule during long weekends.

    8. Being drunk and confusing a taxi with a police car.

    They both have striped panels and lights on their tops. Why?!!

    9. Being unable to find an open kebab joint at 2 a.m.

    10. Going to Bunnings and not finding a sausage sizzle out the front.

    11. Or going to Macca's and discovering the ice cream machine is broken.

    12. Only having shit Zooper Dooper flavours left in your freezer on a hot day.

    13. Spreading your Vegemite on too thick.

    14. Choking on a spoonful of Milo.

    15. Arriving at a party late and having no room for your drinks in the esky.

    16. And ending up with warm beer.

    17. Having your Tim Tam fall apart in the middle of a Tim Tam Slam.

    18. Being on Twitter when Q&A begins.

    19. Going on a road trip and having to use a servo toilet.

    20. Buying a sausage roll and having to pay 30 cents for a packet of tomato sauce.

    21. And then biting into the sausage roll and finding it's still frozen in the middle.

    22. Forgetting your hat in primary school and not being allowed to play outdoors.

    23. Falling asleep on the beach in the middle of a hot summer's day and getting burnt to a crisp.

    24. Having to sing the second verse of "Advance Australia Fair" and not knowing the lyrics.

    25. Having to call Centrelink and being put on hold forever.

    26. Breaking your thongs mid-step.

    27. And running through the grass barefoot and stepping on a million bindis.

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