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19 Australian Podcasts You Need To Listen To Now

From political comedy to power rangers and science, Australian podcasts have it all.

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1. The Silent Majority Podcast

Hosted by Rob Harris and Alice Workman, The Silent Majority looks at Australian politics from every angle imaginable - parliament fashion, tell-all autobiographies, TV, music, and of course, ~the issues~. With a political guest each week, this is not only fun and lighthearted, but incredibly informative.


5. Conversations with Richard Fidler

This podcast is a series of long interview profiles on Australian artists, politicians, chefs, writers, and comedians. Every week, ABC Radio presenter Richard Fidler explores his guest's passions, pet peeves, and life journey in what makes for a truly inspiring podcast subscription.

6. The Osher Gu╠łnsberg Podcast

Each week, host Osher Gu╠łnsberg chats with an notable Australian about their life, their successes, and their struggles. A very authentic and inspiring series, every episode will leave you a little more hopeful about the state of the world.

7. Chat 10 Looks 3

Kitchen Cabinet's Annabel Crabb and 7:30 anchor Leigh Sales host this funny yet informative podcast. Each episode is like a reality show, where the two best friends chat about books, TV, radio, movies, food, and politics, amongst other things. The two are as silly on this podcast as they are serious when reporting for the ABC.


8. Dragon Friends

Ever wonder what cool comedian-types would be like if they played Dungeons and Dragons? Well this podcast will answer that question. Once a month, three Sydney-based comics (including BuzzFeed's very own Alex Lee) play the iconic board game and narrate their IRL experiences.

9. Wilosophy

Wilosophy, hosted by comic Wil Anderson, takes the best and brightest in Australia, and then asks them the silliest questions around. The entertaining podcast is filled with witty banter, great laughs, and all the answers to life's big problems.


Another one of Wil Anderson's many podcasts, TOFOP (Thirty Odd Foot Of Podcast) is a weekly comedy show hosted by Wil and actor Charlie Clausen. Unlike Wilosophy, this podcast covers anything from pop culture, to sport, to film and TV.


13. Election Nerds

The world of political science in Australia and beyond is often hard to navigate, but Dr Amanda Elliot, Dr Stewart Jackson, and Dr Peter Chen make it easy on Election Nerds. You can expect to learn a lot from this podcast, which makes it ideal for anyone who'd like to brush up on their world politics knowledge.

14. Ranger Danger

Two grown men, Mathew Groom and Michael Busuttil, host this talk show about their childhood obsession with the Power Rangers. Inviting equally obsessed guests each episode, Ranger Danger is not only incredibly funny, but also rather sweet.

15. The Cryptid Factor

OK, so this podcast is from NZ, not Australia. But that's close enough! Hosted by comedian Rhys Darby, journalist David Farrier, and radio controller Leon "Buttons" Kirkbeck, this light-hearted banter-filled podcast explores the crazy world of cryptozoology - the study of animals whose existence has yet to be confirmed by science, like the Loch Ness monster or the Yeti.

16. Sleek Geeks

Dr. Karl and Adam Spencer having been making science cool for years now, and this podcast is a new extension of that. Each week, the two science fiends, along with their guests, explain how things work and talk about new discoveries being made in the world of technology.

17. The Piecast

In this podcast, hosted by Adelaide native Mark Tripoli, dessert pies and conversation form the premise. Each episode, Mark and his guests talk about pop culture and general life happenings over a slice of something warm and sweet. Impressively enough, you can hardly hear them chew!

18. Humans of Twitter

Hosted by Aussie podcaster Steve Molk, Humans of Twitter is another interview profile series. It takes a look at the stories of those who run Australian Twitter accounts that make you laugh, cry, and think, all in less than 140 characters.

19. Hamish & Andy

If you've listened to their radio show, you'll know the kind of antics Hamish Blake and Andy Lee get up to. Chatting with celebrities, playing pranks on the unsuspecting, and just being plain old silly for your amusement, Hamish & Andy is everything you want in a relaxing, fun podcast.

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The picture in Number 10 features both comedian Wil Anderson and actor Charlie Clausen. We were too busy laughing our arses off at their hilarious podcast that we mixed up the photo in an earlier version of this post.