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    • shaecolleenf

      uh, there really really isn’t ‘truth behind every stereotype’. that’s dismissive and limiting of alternative identities as a gay or queer person of any kind. i do choose my battles. and i’ve found being labeled as a ‘gay best friend’ rather than just a ‘best friend’ has made me feel tokenized and like i’m being sought out for one particular reason rather than who i am. and that’s fair to no one.

    • shaecolleenf

      i’m glad that you highlighted gay characters found in the media, but can we please remember that the media itself is barely an accurate representation of any reality, let alone the reality of beingagay human? i’m queer (lesbian) andiknow forafact that 99% of my gay friends would be hugely bothered by this article, because it’salaundry list of stereotypes i’ve heard them say they don’t want to be burdened with any longer, and never chose to adopt. we talk about not wanting ‘gay bashing’, but to be honest, this is almost as harmful, because people come in all types, all interests, and all ways of living.ihave gay guy friends who couldn’t give less ofashit about fashion, don’t say ‘honey’, or haveasibilant s, and are sick and tired of most females they meet thinking of them only as one-dimensional tropes that exist on tv. ‘gbff’? that so tokenizingican’t even find the humor in it. all the things on this list are things that i’d expect from any good friend, and absolutely none of them are actually limited to what friendship with the gay community ‘can offer you’. being friends withagay person doesn’t grant you special privileges or make them your magical fairy godmother. it just means you’re friends withaperson who happens to be gay. those friendships come with the same difficulties and triumphs as any other friendship. singling out traits that are stereotyped as ‘gay’ and suggesting that you should expect this from any ‘gay bff’ you have makes it impossible for gay men to live outside the boundaries that society is dictating for them. and honestly, isn’t that the point?iwant to stop seeing dictation of any sort towards whataperson should or should not be. EVERYONE should be celebrated for the person they are at heart, regardless of whether they fit into some expected mold that society has placed on them. relying on tired stereotypes is lazy, AND it’s damaging. please stop.

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