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10 Daily Expectations Vs. Realities Of Fasting For Ramadan

C'mon, you know the routine.

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1. Expectation: wake-up for Suhoor in the early morning.

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Reality: Did you even go to bed? Haha, nope.

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2. Expectation: Eat a wholesome, healthy, and filling breakfast at Suhoor.

Reality: Your eyes are just barely open. You try to eat the quickest and easiest thing you can find before the sun starts to rise, and end up eating little. You should probably drink some water, but you really don’t feel like it.

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3. Expectation: Pray Fajr.

Reality: Pray Fajr on autopilot. You need your bed, like now.

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4. Expectation: Take a nap for a couple of hours.

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Reality: Take a nap until 4 P.M.

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5. Expectation: Wake-up and start your productive day. i.e. Going to work, doing house work, studying, and reading the Quran.

Reality: Yup, still sleeping.

6. Expectation: Get a little workout in, Ramadan is a blessed month with lots of great food, but you have to stay healthy!


Reality: Roll around in your PJs for the next few hours. What is this life, do you see a white light in the distance? Is it just me, or does Ramadan Kareem sound a lot like Krispy Kreme? OMG, donuts. Help. Food. Now. Please.

7. Expectation: Prepare for Iftar. Small portions will be best for you since you have been fasting all day.

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Reality: Grab anything edible insight. Everything and anything you have been craving all day. Cheetos? Yes. Samosas? Yes. Fruit? NO, move, get out of my way! Cookies? Yes!!! “MOMMMM, YOU ARE MAKING FOOD FOR IFTAR, RIGHT?!!”

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8. Expectation: At sunset, break your fast.

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Reality: You’ve been waiting for this moment. It’s here. You could eat a cow. Then why after a couple of bites, are you full?! What is this sorcery?!! You were pretty sure you were going to buy out the grocery store just 5 minutes ago.

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9. Expectation: Go to the Masjid to pray Taraweeh. Thank God for a blessed day and a blessed life.

Reality: Arrive at the Masjid, see people you know, but this is no time for chitchat. Stand for prayer. “My knees. My legs. Stay focused. Stay focused. OH THANK GOD, SUJOOD. Stay focused. I’m pretty sure someone farted up in here. STAY FOCUSED...


What number Raka are we on again?"

10. Expectation: Go home and maybe eat a small snack. Then go to bed and have a good night’s rest.

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Reality: SO MUCH ENERGY. Food, need food! Fasting wasn’t that bad, you could totally do this again tomorrow! Sleep? What is sleep? Sleep is for the weak.

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Repeat steps 1 through 10.

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But honestly, take advantage of this blessed month! We are almost half way done! You'll be back to your normal eating/sleeping schedule in no time. Stay strong my friends, stay strong!

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