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The 6 Best Ways To Annoy The NSA

Concerned about your privacy? Good, you probably should be.

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So here are six ways you can stick it to them and protect your privacy anyway.

1. Use alternative search engines.

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Major search engines like Google and Bing store your searches and data like the time of the search and your computer’s IP address so that you get more personalized ads and better search results.

Legally, they have to.

Explore the world beyond Google.

Currently, the default is set back to "Friends"...for now.

You're better off setting up individual accounts on the sites you're a part of.

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Most email services permanently store your messages on their servers. It’s easy for law enforcement to ask the company to let them comb through their records – no warrant needed – and most readily comply.

Be aware that this tactic only works if the people you are corresponding with use ShazzleMail as well. Otherwise your information is stored on the receiving end of the communication.

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Sadly, there’s no perfect way to protect your privacy, and these methods will work best in combination. And if taking these steps to ensure your own security and liberty lands you on NSA’s tracking list, you must be doing something right.

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