What Its Like Being Single During Wedding Season

So you’re attending a wedding solo this season? Here are some true tales of the ups and downs of the experience. Caution - Angry Single Girls Ahead

1. So All Your Friends Are Getting Engaged

2. The Invitations Start Arriving

Really - 2 weddings in 2 days!

3. You Have So Many Bachelorette Parties On, You Forget What The Theme Is.

Are we going to a winery? was I to dress sexy for a poll dancing class? I’m out of change for a stripper. It will cost HOW much?

4. Working Out What To Wear? Fashion Parade Time!

Too dressy, too casual, don’t have a bag to match, not feeling this one, shoes are too clunky, too sexy, not sexy enough… Why don’t I have anything to wear?

5. As Nothing Is Right - Lets Go Shopping

6. You Start To Wonder Why You Are Still Single

7. There Is Nothing Good Left On The Gift Registry

So I bought - 2 plates, 6 napkins and a salt and pepper shaker.

8. Time To Strip Down For The Spray Tan

Yes I meant to look like an oompa loompa its better then being pale.

9. Your Credit Card Bills Start Arriving

10. Its Finally Time To Get Ready

12. Who Is Ready For Drinks?

13. You End Up On The “Singles Table”

Why cant I be on a table with all of my friends?

14. Family Members Start Asking When Its Your Turn

15. Lets Hit The Dance Floor

Maybe there is a cute groomsman around!

16. You Fight Everyone For The Bouquet

Get out of my way Aunt Bessie!

17. Before You Know It Your Drunk

19. Then Lets Do It All Again Next Week

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