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    20 Reasons We Are Going To Miss "Hart Of Dixie"

    "Do you think all small towns are like this one?"

    1. Zoe's Amazing Wardrobe

    2. Wade Constantly Being Shirtless

    3. Lavon's Pastries

    4. Lemon's Scheming

    5. The Rammer Jammer

    6. Zoe and Wade's Love Story

    7. Bluebell's Crazy Townwide Events

    8. Lavon's Snappy Dress Sense

    9. The Reoccuring Townsfolk

    10. The Little Amount Of Doctoring That Is Actually Done

    11. The Fish Out Of Water Story

    12. Lavon - No, No, No

    13. The Fact That Everyone Has Dated Everyone

    14. Don Todd

    15. George's Bad Decisions

    16. The "Hart of Dixie" Parody

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    17. The Belles

    18. The Singing and Dancing Shelby

    19. Lemon and Wade's Friendship

    20. The Cast That Seem to Get Along