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20 Reasons We Are Going To Miss "Hart Of Dixie"

"Do you think all small towns are like this one?"

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7. Bluebell's Crazy Townwide Events


For a small town they have the best townwide events - from zombie wedding proposals, pride and prejudice events, dressing like the 1700's, a small running race or putting on a music festival with 2 days notice. These guys know how to do it

11. The Fish Out Of Water Story


Zoe's transition from her first meeting and finding her place in this unique town was heartwarming. As she learnt not everywhere wants to be like New York and she needed to find her place in Bluebell.

13. The Fact That Everyone Has Dated Everyone


Zoe has dated George, George dated Tansy, Tansy was married to Wade and Wade married Zoe.

AB dated George, George was engaged to Lemon, Lemon is engaged to Lavon and Lavon dated AB.

Seriously they must have a chart up at the Rammer Jammer showing this because i get a headache thinking about this.

16. The "Hart of Dixie" Parody

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20. The Cast That Seem to Get Along

Can i join them and play beer pong too?

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