12 Reasons Dick Casablancas Was The Best Part Of “Veronica Mars”

“We’re young, single men in our sexual prime. And the only reason we’re not out there going hog wild is because of your feelings? What are we on The View? Am I Rosie O’Donnell?”

1. For Having The Best Hair On The Show

High 5 for that!

2. The Words Of Wisdom T-Shirts

3. For Looking Great Shirtless


4. His Bromance With Logan

5. He Wears An Argyle Knit Like Nobodies Business

Thumbs up to you Dick!

6. His Understanding In Times Of Hurt

7. For Having The Best Dance Moves Of Anyone!

Everybody Get Down…

8. For Getting Popular Movies Mixed Up

9. Thd Promotion Of Underage Drinking

And for being the friend everyone needs!

10. Taking The Perfect Selfies

11. Introducing Us To The Party Pig

12. AND…He Thinks LoVe Is Also Perfect Together

Agreed… Hands Down!

I love you Dick, please don’t change!

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