10 Reasons Why You Need To Watch “House Of Lies”

House Of Lies is one of the most innovative shows on at the moment. At the start of their 3rd season, its worth discovering why you need to watch this gem!

1. Marty Kaan Is A Great Bullshit Artist

Is it bad that I still want him to be my boss?

2. Roscoe Is The Fierest Character On Television

3. Clyde Has A Black Heart - But You Still Love Him

Ben Schwartz you have made a potentially one dimensionally character, the funniest guy!

4. Jeannie Can Hold Her Own With The Boys

Whilst still bringing a little Veronica Mars.

5. Doug For Not Being Afraid To Get Naked

And for bring the but of every joke

6. Monica Is Literally Crazy

She actually got stabbed in the leg by a letter opener by her employee in 1 episode

7. It Has Some Of The Best Guest Stars

Adam Brody

Daniel Stern aka Merv from Home Alone

8. You Learn Some Actually Interesting Business Stuff

9. They Are Not Afraid To Do Live Improv

“I’m the cat man, do do do do do do”

10. Its One Of The Most Underated Shows On Television

Bitching, Sex, Backstabbing, Strippers, Great Fashion, Drinking and Just General Tomfoolery. Seriously - what else do you need?

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