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Celebrity Kung-Fu, Pit Your Favorite Squabbling Celeb (or Least Favorite) Against One Another ... TO THE DEATH!

Featuring: - Lady Gaga weapon: unleashing her horrific Poker Face - Perez Hilton weapon: throwing his typewriter - Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom) weapon: ejecting projectile babies - Jon Gosselin weapon: turning into a gigantic douche vaporizer - Kate Gosselin weapon: her trademark hair becomes a machine-gun-type weapon - Kanye West weapon: emits a rainbow auto-tune attack - Barack Obama weapon: releasing his peace doves, which hold down opponents for Barack’s attack - Glenn Beck weapon: cries like a baby and releases a torrential downpour - David Letterman weapon: throwing his famous cue cards - Sarah Palin weapon: shooting her moose shotgun

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