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    39 Ways To Reuse, Restyle, And Rewear Your Old T-Shirts

    Finally a use for all those shirts you've been sentimentally hoarding over the years.

    1. Make a latch hook rug.

    2. Shred it.

    3. Make a flower dress.

    4. Make a t-shirt bracelet.

    5. Diamond smock your tee.

    6. Make pom poms.

    7. Make a quilt.

    8. Do a speckled ombre effect.

    9. Make a tote bag.

    10. Cut out + paint a spine.

    11. Make a dog toy.

    12. Or a cat toy.

    13. Add some fringe.

    14. Make bangles.

    15. Make an infinity scarf.

    16. Make a bowl.

    17. Make a halter top.

    18. Make a corset-esque top.

    19. Make a nautical knot headband.

    20. Make a racerback tank.

    21. Braid the Neckline.

    22. Add some spray paint.

    23. Make an accordion necklace.

    24. Make a slashed scarf.

    25. Add some lace sleeves.

    26. Make a braided headband.

    27. Make an apron.

    28. Make a chain-embellished necklace.

    29. Make a braided rug.

    30. Add some pearls to the neckline.

    31. Knit dish towels.

    32. Make pajama pants.

    33. Make a vest.

    34. Weave a t-shirt into a t-shirt.

    35. Make a bow.

    36. Make a shrug.

    37. Make a Pillow

    38. Make a tunic.

    39. Make some flowers.