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19 Ways To Reuse Vinyl Records

Looking for projects to use those old beat-up vinyls collecting dust in your parents' basement? Just make sure you only use the scratched records — wouldn't want to offend this guy.

1. Make a side table.

2. Make a purse.

3. Make a dessert stand.

4. Make vinyl record butterflies.

5. Make ombre wall art.

6. Make a notebook.

7. Make a bracelet.

8. Make bookends.

9. Make coasters.

10. Make bowls.

...And use those bowls as wedding favors.

11. Make bunting banner from the sleeves.

12. Make a record wall.

13. Make an earring holder.

14. Make a clock.

15. Make a tote with the album cover.

16. Make an outlet cover.

17. Use them as placemats.

18. Make a storage box.

19. Cover an entire floor.