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The 17 Stages Of Every Internship Application Process

Either you have already been there or you will be soon. Isn’t it the same for all of us?

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1. You realize that you have to apply for internships.

2. You start to consider your options

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There are just too many. Why does the choice have to be so haaaard?

3. And suddenly, it hits you like this:

Nickelodeon / Via

You know EXACTLY what you will do!

4. So you start writing.

Madhouse / Via

And your motivation reaches an all time high.

5. You develop a healthy level of self-esteem.

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6. You finally send it in.

7. And you feel oh so good about it.

Screen Gems / Via

Show them. 'Cause haters gonna hate anyway.

8. There is only one thing left do: Wait.

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Which is the worst step of all.

9. At some point you may lose hope.

Warner Bros. / Via

10. Tears might flow.

Bravo / Via

And I'm not talking about the pretty ones.

11. You will turn to friends for advice.

Summit Entertainment / Via

They know what you need to hear.

12. You finally receive the answer.


Already? This is way too soon! I'm not ready yet!

13. And their answer is:

TNT / Via

14. And y reaction on the outside is:

15. But on the inside you feel like this:

16. And like this:

Disney / Via

Show those moves, guuuurl!

17. But you act completely casual.

E! / Via

'Cause you already knew just how fabulous you are!

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