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12 Scary Movies From The 80’s You May Have Forgotten

Do you remember these movies? I certainly do. To all those ‘80 haters and those who are simply too young to remember, all the movies scared me, but it wasn’t torture horror like the “Saw” franchise. These movies were simple. Simple characters. Simple plot. Simply done. Simply scary.

SeriMcMillan 10 years ago

Ice Cube: Before & After

Look at what money, time and becoming a parent do to a hardcore 90's gangsta rapper...

SeriMcMillan 10 years ago

Fake Lottery Winner Causes Riot

The riot wasn't because she said she won the lottery, but actually didn't. It was because she told everyone in a local Burlington Coat Factory that she was paying their tab up to $500! You know how those Burlington Coat Factory folks roll!

SeriMcMillan 10 years ago

15 Cool 80s Movie Characters You Could Be For Halloween

If you have some old clothes, wigs, heels, knee high roller skates, leggings, cargo pants, Member's Only jackets, red bow tie, gray suit, combat boots, straight leg jeans, white sneakers and pink dresses in your closet, you can do an 80's costume on the cheap.

SeriMcMillan 10 years ago

Good Manners: Teach Kids Manners With Their Shoes

Is little Billy missing something from his vocabulary? Like the word, please? Are you handing things to little Annie with NO RESPONSE? Like the words, thank you? Then you need, or rather-they need, a comfy pair of Magic Manners Shoes.

SeriMcMillan 10 years ago

Kanye Throws A Diva Fit About His Chicken!

Kanye West still want to be the queen! He recently pitched a bitch fit over chicken during singer Common’s charity concert at the Hollywood Palladium last weekend. But, don't worry, Madonna gives him some much needed peer advice.

SeriMcMillan 10 years ago

Barbie's New Friends

Mattel is launching a line of modern black Barbie dolls. This time, sans the afro.

SeriMcMillan 10 years ago