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    • serabaek

      I’m an Korean woman, and I’m living near Seoul and working in Seoul.
      I agree of this article but not all.
      You know, Ms. Perez complained we just have free sized clothes(and shoes) that is too small for her, and few kinds of color of cosmetics. I (maybe we) feel really sorry and am able to understand her but that is kind of cultural or ethical issues. I mean, Our average body size is relatively smaller than western people and we can think about the market just as in the Seller’s side.
      Actually, I am kind of bigger, especially in the born frame(?), muscle proportion, and the shoe size (and weight).
      It’s difficult that I can see the women who have the same shoe size with me. Of course I do have problem in buying high heels or in Choosing the options(Design). So, I just look for some shopping mall for me, that’s the solution.
      I mean, sometimes we Korean women, and femail industries of ours are shown off the world as just crazy cosmetical country.
      But before that, I recomend that people should consider our natural phisical traits.
      You know what, many Korean international students are also feeling uncomfortable that other countries serve too much amount food at one dish and that many clothes are too big for us….. It’s… it’s UNFAMILIAR to us..
      And finaly, several district in Seoul is concentrated area for the Plastic&Estetic clinics. In some cases, the Advertisement on the bus or the subway is thought of as just natural. We don’t blindly trust and follow, rater we also lagh at the same faces of all. As the statistics show, the other 80% still have the individual differences.

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