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    We Sat Down With K-Pop Idol B.I And Got Him To Answer Your Fan Questions

    "Somebody told me that 'BTBT' was being played in the French metro!"

    Hey everyone, it's Sepi here! I'm back with another interview with one of my favourite K-Pop artists – this time, it's B.I.

    We had the pleasure of sitting down with B.I (비아이) when in Paris recently. But before all that, we asked the good people of Twitter for questions, and boy did they deliver! So, let's get straight into it – here's what the fans wanted to know...

    Twitter Box and the question reads: "Are you planning a European 
tour after the Asian tour ends?"

    B.I 2023 ASIA TOUR L.O.L THE HIDDEN STAGE Keep dancing with me, IDs! #BI #비아이 #131LABEL #TheHiddenStageTour

    Twitter: @BI_131official

    B.I: Actually, I really want to! My team are planning for it, but I'm really hoping for it myself.

    Sepi: What about London? Will you come to London?

    B.I: Of Course! I've actually never been there – this is my first time in Europe. I'll try my best to come, please look forward to it.

    Sepi: We will!

    Twitter Box and the question reads: "This is your first time in Paris! What food have your tried and do you have any favourite French words?"

    B.I: *laughs* I had snails!

    Sepi:  Wow! How did you find them?

    B.I: They were okay for me, they just tasted seafood-y to me! They tasted similar to this Korean dish called 소라 – (Conch). I also had croissants because I heard the croissants in Paris are really nice.

    Sepi: We had croissants yesterday too!

    B.I: Oh really? I also had the hot choco and it was a little different to the Korean style. It was thicker and super sweet!

    Sepi: I love it! *everyone laughs* What about French words?

    B.I:  French words... I learnt enchanté! Also, ange (angel).

    Sepi: Oh wow! That is such a specific choice, but a lovely word.

    Twitter Box and the question reads: "You said once that you like flower arranging as a hobby. Have you done it since the Dear: ID exhibition back in 2021? And what is your favourite flower now?"
    Twitter: @shxx131bi131

    B.I: My favourite flower? Well, it changes every day! Right now it has to be tulips, but there's no reason why – they're just beautiful!

    Sepi: They're super popular in the Netherlands. Do you still do flower arranging?

    B.I: Not much these days, unfortunately. Basketball is a big hobby of mine at the moment.

    Sepi: Oh! Do you support any specific teams?

    B.I: Of course, I support the Dallas Mavericks and the Phoenix Suns! They're a good team.

    Twitter Box and the question reads: "Which do you prefer, writing happy love songs while being heartbroken or writing heartbreak songs while being in love?"

    B.I: Oooh, that's tough! It has to be the second one, I like writing heartbreak songs while being in love. I think that's more fitting because I think I'm better at writing heartbreak songs.

    Sepi: I guess it's quite a deep subject area and there's a lot to talk about. It can be very poetic!

    B.I: Yes, that's true, exactly that!

    Twitter Box and the question reads: "You have acted well in your music videos – when will we finally see actor Hanbin?"

    B.I: Well, it's good to hear that, so thank you! However, I'm not that good at acting, so I honestly don't think so. Maybe later on in my career!

    Sepi: Do you enjoy acting though?

    B.I: Mmmm, well, I don't really see the stuff I've done as acting per se. It's more about conveying my emotion simply – I think it's quite different to proper acting!

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    Twitter Box and the question reads: "You and BIG Naughty are collaborating! Are there any updates about this?"

    B.I: Of course! It looks like at the moment it will most likely come out during the summer, so please look forward to that. We've done something together already, so we're excited to release that.

    Sepi: Could you give us a hint as to what kind of song to expect?

    B.I: Well, it's a very different style for me. I haven't shown this type of song before in my solo career, but I feel confident in it. I can't wait for you to see!

    Sepi: I'm a fan of your music and Big Naughty's, so I feel this is a dream collaboration!

    B.I: Thank you so much! I can't wait and please look forward to it *smiles widely*.

    BIG Naughty is a big fan of Hanbin. During Hanbin's hiatus, he used to post Hanbin's demos & snippets with Hanbin's parts from iKON's songs on his IG story! 💛 It's amazing that he's finally doing a collab with Hanbin! @bignaughtyman @shxx131bi131 👏

    Twitter: @131genius
    Twitter Box and the question reads: "Can you give us a hint to what album concepts we may see from you in the future?"

    B.I: *laughs* Expect something powerful! It's going to be more about love and resistance than my Cosmos album. It's going to be powerful!

    Twitter Box and the question reads: "Your song "BTBT" has been heard in lots of places nowadays. Have you personally heard it in a place that surprised you?"

    B.I: Sadly, I've never heard it anywhere random myself! Somebody told me that "BTBT" was being played in the French metro once!

    Sepi: No way! What? That's super cool. It's like they knew you were coming! *everyone laughs*

    B.I: *laughs* It was so surprising for me!

    Sepi: I can't believe they play music on the Paris metro. We get no music on the London Underground, which sucks.

    Twitter Box and the question reads: "If you could live in Europe for a year where would you choose?"

    Sepi: By the way, for this question, you kind of have to say London.

    B.I: *laughs hard!* Well you know, this is my first time in Europe! I'd start in Paris because I've been adapting to the Paris lifestyle, and then I want to go to London and then probably Berlin.

    Sepi: Maybe do a month in each city/country? That would be so fun.

    B.I: Yeah! You know what, that's a good idea!

    Twitter Box and the question reads: "Who is your favourite EU music artist?"

    B.I: Well, for European musical artist it has to be The Beatles! They are one of my ultimate favourite artists.

    Sepi: Great answer, and being British too, we have to absolutely agree with you there. They're definitely an act who have set the tone and left such a big mark on music history.

    B.I: Oh, yes, for sure! They are really up at the top. Lots of people look up to them.

    Note: Some answers have been edited for length and clarity.

    Thank you so much for your time B.I, we hope to see you in London sometime soon!