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18 Times Mindy Kaling Was Our Soul Sister

Beyonce, donuts, feminism and half-assed athletic pursuits....we're practically the same person.

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1. When she called out all the backhanded complimenters.

2. When she took the high road.

3. When she was totally honest about what she needs. And about ice cream.

4. When she described exactly how we all feel after a bad day.

5. When she reminded us there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

6. When she came up with this bad ass warrior name.

7. When she tried Zumba and the experience was nothing like the infomercials led her to believe.

8. When she tweeted this:

9. And this:

10. And said this:

11. Proving she's just an all-round fierce, feminist role model.

12. While also proving that being a fierce feminist doesn't mean you can't also be a fierce fashionista.

13. When she showed us that actually, we can be whoever we damn well want to be.

14. And that strong emotions are nothing to be ashamed of.

15. When she just wanted to be taken seriously FFS.

16. When she set the record straight, once and for all.

17. When she got frustrated about being single and alone.

18. And when she realised that it doesn't even matter because:

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