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    What Every Scottish Terrier Owner Knows

    The truth about owning a scottie. :)

    Your house is now their playground for digging.

    And they aren't very good at hiding the evidence.

    But they look cute with the evidence all over them.

    They are very independent little dogs.

    And they are serious about it.

    Scotties have GIANT personalities for such little dogs. They make the funniest faces!

    They love to hunt and were in fact bred for it!

    They are also known for not giving up easily.

    They protect their family, no matter what.

    They are known as the diehards, because they fight to the death. So don't mess with their owners!

    They love to walk, being very active dogs.

    No adventure is too big for these little dogs!

    They are willing to go the extra mile to explore.

    They love to be bed hogs and take up a ton of space for such little bodies.

    Apparently its not a clothes hamper, it is now their bed.

    Scotties have insanely long tongues. No seriously, they can lick the top of their noses.

    They are ninjas disguised by cuteness.

    They are the nosiest animals you will ever meet.

    You cannot resist their cuteness. Seriously, its impossible

    They know when they are in trouble and try to get out of it, with "The LOOK".

    They love the snow- the cold gets them wound up and they get frisky and playful!

    BUT. No one ever told you that their fur is a magnet for it. It takes forever to get it off!

    That bedraggled look they give you from the side of the tub in the middle of bathtime.

    They get so frisky when you try to dry them off! They have to rub all over everything and growl furociously! It's so funny and fun.

    They tend to be happy, upbeat dogs who love life and the people around them.

    They love to run and are super fast!

    In fact, sometimes they literally fly and their feet do not touch the ground!