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    11 Awesome Cast Connections Between "Seinfeld" And "Twin Peaks"

    Two of the best shows from the '90s had nothing in common, except a lot of actors.

    1. Let's start with the easiest : Warren Frost

    and Grace Zabriskie

    They played Susan Ross's parents in Seinfeld

    2. Brenda Strong

    The braless wonder Sue Ellen Mischke in Seinfeld

    3. Walter Olkewicz

    The cable guy from "The Cadillac" episode

    4. Ian Abercrombie

    The awesome Mr Pitt in Seinfeld

    5. Frances Bay

    Jerry's marble rye victim Mrs Choate

    6. Molly Shannon

    She played Sam in the episode "The Summer of George"

    7. John Apicella

    and Jerry's repairman in "The Tape"

    8. Jed Mills

    Joel in "The non-fat yogurt"

    9. Jack McGee

    Ralph in "The Pothole"

    10. Don Amendolia

    The hansom cab driver from "The Rye"

    11. Clive Rosengren

    He played a waiter in the episode "The Wink"

    Source : Imdb

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