Top 20 Worst Roomates Imaginable

Seeking Sublet is a new comedy web series about two roommates in search of the perfect third roommate in New York City. Have you ever had to find a roommate last minute or been forced to live with a stranger? Or did you move in with a friend only to discover it was a total nightmare to live together? We feel ya.

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1. The Roommate Who Doesn't Have a Phone. They Just Give Out Your Number Instead.

Your phone bill has never been higher. And no, they don't think they should chip in. The monthly costs associated with a phone is why they don't have one.

3. The Roommate You Gchat From The Bedroom Next Door.

Because you'd rather not talk to him in person... or see him. Like ever. Seriously if he doesn't pay rent on time it's easier to just post a reminder about it on Facebook and Twitter.

6. The Roommate Who Has Anger Issues.

And deals with it by punching things. Or yelling at the top of their lungs. Because they don't deal well with stress. And aren't afraid of letting everyone know it.

10. The Roommate Who's Completely Oblivious.

An absentminded professor if you will. Living in their own little, whittle-happy world. Clueless to basic social cues, no matter what the situation.

11. The Roommate Who Loves Cats Too Much.

Yes, it's possible. Have you heard of trap, neuter, release? Look it up, it's a real thing. You don't want to come home to 50 cats and bloody tools in your sink.

14. The Roommate Who's A Hot Mess.

Like every night of the week. She dates one person after the other, each more terrible than the last, is totally self-involved and and has a habit of turning your living room floor into her bed when she's drunk. Really, all she wants is attention. But try to give her actual help or advice and she will NOT have it.

15. The Roommate With Bizarre Eating Habits.

They only eat orange foods. Or entire rice makers of rice in one sitting. Or giant bowls of Raison Bran, only after the milk coagulates. Nothing else.

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