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15 Reasons Why Psych Is The Best TV-Show Ever!

"You know that's right!" *spoiler alert*

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5. And because of Shules!

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And did you guys know that they're dating in real life too? Of course you know, silly me!


I learned today that they're not together anymore, and I'm truly devastated!

7. And did I mention Lassie's sarcasm? No? Then I'm telling you now!

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Did you know there's Lassie's Insult Generator? You should totally check that out on Psych's official web-site!

9. And because you can't get enough of their theme song!

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And don't you absolutely love all those modifications? Like the indian one, or Boys 2 Men A-Capella version, or...who am I kidding they're all awesome!

11. Also you can find pretty much everything on this show!

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There's been episodes about ghosts, vampires, werewolves, aliens, serial-killers, bears, lions, cats and as I said, pretty much everything!

12. There was a Psych Slumber Party!

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Ok, I know that was a long time ago, but it was awesome! Do you know another show that organized something like that? I definitely don't know! And you can still watch original clips from it!

... but don't worry I have a solution for that. I made so called "Psych therapy" which will definitely help you!

You'll find it in my next article!

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