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The Internet's Reaction To The Twelfth Doctor

As told by my tumblr dashboard.

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In case you live on a planet unreachable by the TARDIS...


8-4-2013: 12th Doctor was announced, via a live broadcast featuring guest stars (including the 5th Doctor!) and the new Doctor himself.

1. First, we tried to get ready.


If you didn't know that we'd be welcoming a new Doctor to the world today, which rock have you been living under and can I borrow it to finish writing my dissertation?

16. EVERYONE needed to know EVERYTHING he had ever done EVER.


I was in the audience and after the show, Capaldi shook a few hands in the front row. Then more and more people seemed to realize, "OMG this is the new doctor!" And then A RUSH OF WHOVIANS.

I think he realized in that moment that for the rest of his life, he'd have crazed fans after him. I would say poor guy, but dude, he gets to be THE DOCTOR.

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