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    The Internet's Reaction To The Twelfth Doctor

    As told by my tumblr dashboard.

    In case you live on a planet unreachable by the TARDIS...


    8-4-2013: 12th Doctor was announced, via a live broadcast featuring guest stars (including the 5th Doctor!) and the new Doctor himself.

    1. First, we tried to get ready.


    If you didn't know that we'd be welcoming a new Doctor to the world today, which rock have you been living under and can I borrow it to finish writing my dissertation?

    2. After all, new Doctor = VERY BIG NEWS.

    3. We needed to know...WHO?

    4. Some people were safe from the madness...

    5. ...others knew exactly what to expect.

    6. Yup, some people knew the fandom very, very well.

    7. Warnings were given.

    8. Predictions were made.




    9. Stephen Hawking was awesome.


    Hawking? Awesome? Well, duh. But just when you thought he couldn't get any cooler...

    10. We were pretty nervous. / Via

    Many of us were still recovering from the Sherlock preview.

    11. Who? Who? WHO???

    12. THEN.

    13. Tumblr dashboards exploded.

    14. Twitter was taken over by Whovians.

    15. Google-fu was unleashed.

    16. EVERYONE needed to know EVERYTHING he had ever done EVER.


    I was in the audience and after the show, Capaldi shook a few hands in the front row. Then more and more people seemed to realize, "OMG this is the new doctor!" And then A RUSH OF WHOVIANS.

    I think he realized in that moment that for the rest of his life, he'd have crazed fans after him. I would say poor guy, but dude, he gets to be THE DOCTOR.

    17. People discovered his role as Malcolm Tucker.

    18. Then tumblr discovered Tucker's potty-mouth...

    19. ...and had fun.

    20. Somebody got to Wikipedia really quickly...

    21. ...and someone else found this gem.

    22. Obligatory compilations of gorgeous pics came together...

    23. ...and really amazing fan work.

    24. Not everything was custard and fish-fingers though...


    Moffat upset quite a few people...

    25. Matt Smith stabbed us all in the heart.


    A tear? No, that's just a drunk giraffe in my eye...

    26. No, really, need a hug sweetie?


    I volunteer as tribute.

    27. But the British rallied and came together as a united people...

    28. ...while other Fandoms united in support of the Whovians.

    29. In the end, the fandom seems pretty happy...


    They're definitely having fun theorizing how to get out of this paradox...

    30. Welcome, Mr. Peter Capaldi!

    31. BUT WAIT!

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