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The 43 Worst Things About Wearing Glasses

I got 43 problems and 20/20 vision could solve all of them.

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My fellow four-eyes, this one's for you. Here are 43 woes you face as a glasses-wearer.

41. Showers.


You can't find a safe spot to put them, you can't see anything clearly, you mix up your conditioner and shampoo, you miss spots when shaving...

Or you try to wear them and they get foggy and wet and you can't see anything anyhoo.

40. Roller Coasters.

Wear them: Spend the whole ride freaking out that they'll fly off and end up in someone's soda. Scarier than the loop-de-loop.

Don't wear them: The whole ride is a blur. Not to mention trying to find a place to stick 'em. Pants? Squished. Cubbies? Stolen. Bra? Awkward.

Wear contacts: Can you say dry eyes?

Bonus: If you're terrified of heights, at least you won't see anything! But wait, why are you on a roller coaster to begin with?

12. Trying to enjoy the beach.

Frolicking in the waves? More like tripping over things, mistaking seaweed for giant crustaceans, and missing out on the beauty surrounding you. Also, the beach is a dangerous place for specs - I still haven't forgiven Virginia Beach for eating a pair of my glasses ten years ago.

4. Trying to take a nap. / Via

Spontaneous sleeping becomes less spontaneous when you have to figure out a safe spot for your glasses. Or, it really is spontaneous and you wake up to mangled glasses and funny marks on your face.

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