Doctor Who Celebrates 50 Years

The Day of the Doctor has arrived. I can barely keep my bow-tie on.

1. So guess what today is.

How could you not know? HOW?

3. On this day, November 23, in 1963, at 17:16:20 GMT, the first episode of Doctor Who “An Unearthly Child” premiered…

4. …and today, November 23, 2013, at 19:50 GMT, “The Day of the Doctor” celebrates 50 years of Whovian glory!

5. In the words of the First Doctor…


9. Are we (maniacally) excited?

13. Get your excuses prepared.

Non-Whovians, be kind to the bow-tie-wearing-Allons-y-shouting people in your lives. This is a pretty big day for them. Maybe make a bowl of fish fingers and custard for them or find some jelly babies…

14. Play the amazing Google doodle to distract yourself.

Or get on Netflix and catch up on your favorite episodes.

15. If you’re in the States, thank BBC America. The simulcast starts at 2:50 pm ET.

Pre-Show at 2:30 pm ET.

19. Mind the scarf, grab the jelly babies…

20. …get your fix of tea, ready your cricket bat…

22. …the TARDIS…

Though do watch your exit, you’re not due a regeneration until next month…

23. …and your Companion!

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